Greetings from the Mayor of Karnei Shomron

Karnei Shomron is an urban settlement located east of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, next to a pine forest with a scenic view of the surrounding Samarian foothills. One of the most beautiful nature reserves in Israel, the Nahal Kana Reserve, lies just below Karnei Shomron.

  Karnei Shomron comprises seven neighborhoods that create unique “cultural landscapes”, blending quality urban communal living in a rural settlement surrounded by nature. These cultural landscapes” have unique content and diverse expressions –

  • as a set of values in educational, cultural and community programs
  • in the fabric of life of the settlement and its residents
  • in the appearance and visibility of Karnei Shomron, its neighborhoods and institutions and their integration into surrounding nature

in the way in which the settlement grows, develops its attractiveness and uniqueness, and serves as a regional anchor.

Karnei Shomron, which currently numbers some 11,000 residents, aspires to be among the leading urban communal settlements in Israel, through an array of services that include:

  • educational, cultural and communal institutions
  • social welfare, religious, family and health services
  • construction, infrastructure, development and engineering
  • maintenance, cleaning and cultivating the settlement and neighborhoods
  • security and safety.  

Its rich offerings also include educational, cultural and sports activities at the Karnei Shomron community center, a sports facilities center, a youth center, a wide range of classes for all ages, an adult education center, a club for seniors and more.

In recent years, Karnei Shomron has experienced a boom in development, which includes the construction of an innovative school and the expansion of existing schools, the deployment of high-speed internet infrastructure, development of residential projects, roads and bike paths, shopping centers, an amphitheater, a new swimming pool and gyms, and more.

The Karnei Shomron Local Council puts special emphasis on its relationship with the resident and the provision of quality and professional services to residents in various areas.

Moked 106, the local hotline and a municipal website are at your service and offer a great deal of information about Karnei Shomron and answers to questions that may arise as a result of your move.

Yours sincerely,

Igal Lahav,

Mayor of Karnei Shomron



Karnei Shomron Education: The Largest Educational Center in Samaria

The Education Department

The Karnei Shomron Education Department undertakes to create an educational, learning and community space that advances the values, and scholastic and emotional wellbeing of all the children in Karnei Shomron.


Educational Continuum


Daycare Centers:

Providing educational frameworks from birth through matriculation, Karnei Shomron offers daycare centers, which are run by its Education Department and are guided by a wide range of education personnel and caregivers.


The 7 daycare centers in Karnei Shomron are managed by a professional and skilled team, which is closely guided by the daycare unit director who specializes in these ages. The staff is also guided by an educational instructor.


The daycare facilities have an early detection program operated by the Child Development Center which tracks the children’s development in the early stages. Physiotherapists and speech therapists guide the staff and refer parents of children requiring further treatment to the center.  


Preschool & Kindergarten:

32 preschools and kindergartens operate in Karnei Shomron. We believe that all children should have appropriate frameworks in the community and that is why in recent years we have opened 2 “Ganei Tikshorot” (communications preschool) geared for children who have developmental delays, and 4 special education preschools. The children with communication and special needs receive full care in preschool from a professional team and join in activities with the other preschools, which creates bonds and friendships between the preschoolers. Many of Karnei Shomron preschools and kindergartens operate unique programs such as robotics, forest days, a science garden, a community garden, a theatre program, and more.


The Or (Light) Program works to reduce gaps and develop the children’s emotional processing and expression capabilities and fosters confidence in their abilities. The program works with the parents, encouraging them to get to know their child’s range of capabilities. The Or Program employs emotional therapists in the preschools who work with the children and their parents.


Elementary Schools:

There are 4 elementary schools in Karnei Shomron:

Rimon School is a state school for a secular population.

Lapidim School for girls, Barkai School for boys, and Masuah School for boys and girls are all state-religious schools.


The elementary schools in Karnei Shomron are going through a significant pedagogical process that adapts learning methods to the 21st century. The process is being guided by foremost experts in the field and the learning spaces are being built in accordance with the pedagogical approach. The schools have a plethora of educational and value-added activities and strive for excellence in all the fields of study.


The State-Religious Barkai School – Grades 1-8:


The school’s aim is to enable students to pave their way in “Avodat Hashem” (worship of G-d), “Yirat Shamayim” (fear of Heaven) piety, prayer and Torah study, while developing personal and interpersonal study skills, and striving for excellence in all fields.

Following the words of the Sages – “At five years old a person should study Bible, at 10 years, the Mishnah… – the Barkai study method aims to provide the young students with proficiency in most of the books of the Bible. The students repeatedly go over the text with the Biblical cantillation so as to ingrain it in their memory, and this also generates a feeling of camaraderie.  


The Barkai state-religious school believes in experiential learning as a means to connect students to Torah and their spiritual world and puts emphasis on the personal relationship between the student and the educational staff with the understanding that this connection allows for optimal growth.


The Barkai  School views religious studies as central to its educational mission and as a basis for general studies, which it also considers as important.



The Masuah School Grades – Grades 1- 6:


This year the school has been going through a growth process and has opened its doors to both boys and girls. The studies are conducted in separate classes and corresponding programs are offered to both boys and girls. The school undertakes to raise a generation of G-d fearing students who aspire to excel in Torah studies and general studies, and who desire to contribute to society and Israel.


The school has embarked on a fascinating pedagogical journey with an innovative pedagogy that adapts itself to changing times. The school is now moving into a new, attractive building that is suited to the new pedagogy.


The school offers a personalized study program at a pace and in a learning style suitable for each student. Emphasis is put on developing learning and research skills as well as relevant social skills, and on learning related to the student’s content world, generating curiosity and intrinsic motivation. 


The school has social, scholastic and value enrichment activities.


The school has a quiet room – which offers personal and group emotional treatment to students, under the guidance of the Authority’s advisory psychological service. Individual therapy sessions and social skills groups are held in the room.


The school has a Torah enrichment program guided by the school rabbi, and “hevrutot” (learning pairs) from the local Hesder Yeshiva.



The Lapidim School – Grades 1-6


The school educates girls in the Torah spirit, with special emphasis on “derekh eretz” (being a respectful person) and “middot” (improving character) along with excellence in all subjects of study.


Education, especially at a young age, is not just a competition for grades, but is mainly to inculcate values, morals and principles in the children, cultivating good middot and study habits and practices with dedicated efforts.


The school atmosphere empowers the girls – with inclusion and understanding for each one’s personal processes alongside maintaining a framework, aspiring to achieve excellence in studies while learning experientially, everything enveloped in love and faith. The school has a rich array of educational and value-added activities.


The school incorporates the Perach Program, in which university students personally mentor some of the students.



Rimon School (Secular) – Grades 1-6


The school provides a complete and suitable study environment for each student, providing him/her with learning and values for tomorrow’s world. Rimon is a boutique school, the classes are small and allow for a great deal of personalized attention and study.  The school has built one-level and two-level learning spaces equipped with study materials, where students may learn independently, each at a pace and in a way that suits them.


The school advocates Zionist and liberal values that are also connected to Jewish tradition.


The school’s pedagogical concept is based on three principles:


  • Literacy skills – e.g., linguistic, cultural, accounting, financial and more


  • Independent study skills – e.g., cooperative work, knowledge and time management


  • Social values and skills – e.g., knowing how to conduct a dialogue, knowing how to make choices, knowing how to conduct yourself in conflict.


As part of the holistic concept of the student, the school has a dining hall where students eat a hot lunch together. Various extracurricular classes are also offered after school hours.


The school has a quiet room that provides private and group emotional support for students who need it and is guided by Karnei Shomron’s advisory psychological service.


In addition, the school undertakes to broaden the horizons of students through classes in chess, agriculture, ball skills, etc.


In recent years, having noted that many students have had no choice but to attend special education frameworks outside of the Karnei Shomron area, we have established a whole set of special education pre-schools, kindergartens and classes in Karnei Shomron. Thus students with special needs may remain in Karnei Shomron near their neighborhood friends, integrating and continuing to maintain friendships and play with their peers.


Currently, Karnei Shomron has:

2 preschools for children with communication challenges

4 preschools for children with developmental delays

3 communication classes

9 classes for children with learning disabilities


Elementary school graduates in Karnei Shomron may continue their studies according to the stream to which they belong.

  • Religious Boys to Yeshivat Hashomron in Karnei Shomron
  • Religious Girls to Ulpanat Lehava in Kedumim
  • Secular students attend junior high in Alfei Menashe.


Yeshivat Hashomron – Grades 7 - 12:

The Bnei Akiva Yeshivat Hashomron is an educational and study center for youth in the Shomron. The yeshiva is known for its personal rapport with each student and its pleasant homey atmosphere.


We educate our students toward “Yirat Shamayim”, the love of Torah, “middot” (improving character), “derekh eretz” (being respectful) and scholastic excellence.  The Yeshiva offers extensive and enriching value-based social activity in various fields. A significant part of the yeshiva day is devoted to learning Gemara/Bible according to the specific study tracks.  The Yeshiva has a wide offering of majors such as: machine control, theater, physics, biology, biotechnology, Land of Israel studies, computer science, software engineering and Arabic. The Yeshiva won an award from Israel’s Ministry of Education, as one of the most value-based schools in the State of Israel, thanks to the percentage of students who volunteer in the community and in various organizations such as Ilan, Nofshon Shomron, etc.  and thanks to high percentage of eligibility for the Israeli matriculation exams. The Yeshiva has special programs both for outstanding students as well as for students who have learning difficulties.



Maftayach (Hebrew for “key”) is the Karnei Shomron Council’s early childhood center which is a broad professional umbrella for services in the field of child development.

Maftayach provides professional assistance for parents and children from birth in the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, parental guidance, and emotional therapy.  Maftayach is recognized by the Israel Ministry of Health as a developmental unit and the center has agreements with Israel’s Health Funds.

Maftayach has treatment rooms equipped with the most advanced equipment in the field and currently, a new facility is being constructed that will better suit its needs.



Daycare Facilities

Maon Karnei Shomron 09-7920013  [email protected]

Maon Neve Menachem 09-7941164  [email protected]

Maon Neve Menachem 09-8906882  [email protected]

Maon Ginot Shomron 09-7920342  [email protected]

Maon Alonei Shilo (no telephone)  [email protected]

Maon Maaleh Shomron 09-7415700  [email protected]






[email protected]



Target population – State Secular grades 1-6

Principal – Ruti Rosenthal



- [email protected]


Target population -State Religious grades 1-6 girls

Principal –



[email protected]


State Religious Grades 1-6

Principal – Vered Elgim


Talmud Torah Barkai

[email protected]


State Religious Grades 1-8

Principal – Ariel Bashan


Yeshivat Hashomron

[email protected]


Grades 7-12

Principal – Rabbi Yanki Meitlis


Yeshivat Halichot Olam


Grades 9-12 dormitory

Principal – Rabbi Eyal Harel


Ulpanat Lehava, Kedumim


State Religious Grades 7-12

Principal – Rabbi Efraim Zik


Hatzav Junior High, Alfei Menashe

[email protected]


State Secular Grades 7-9

Principal – Leora Shimshonovitch



Culture & Recreation in Karnei Shomron


*Karnei Shomron Matnas (Community Center) – holds cultural events for the entire family;

 Plays, performances, ceremonies, movies and story hour for children, recreational classes for children, youth and adults, enrichment courses for all residents, a library and more.

*Oranim Sports Center – indoor pool and gym, sauna and more.

*Children’s Island – huge Gymboree for children. Great venue for birthday parties, includes coffee shop and soon also a social restaurant.

*Youth Department – Scouts and Bnei Akiva. Youth movements are very active in Karnei Shomron. Post high school and National Service volunteers work with the youth groups, and there are also weekly activities for youth in each neighborhood led by a neighborhood youth coordinator.

*Overdrive Center for musicians and a recording room.

*Center for Young Adults – ages 18-40, which provides activities for young parents and couples, enrichment training and leisure activities.

*Social Pub “Mul Haetz” (Across from the Tree) is a place to sit and enjoy music, drinks, food and a nice ambience.

*Senior Citizen’s Club – adult activities, the “Kathedra” lecture series, field trips and tours and more.

*Enrichment Club – holds weekly activities for seniors, get-togethers, classes and parties.



Department of Social Services


The Department of Social Services is a professional unit, whose mission is to address individual, family and communal issues in order to promote the well-being of Karnei Shomron residents from early childhood through old age, with a unique focus on the variety of problems arising from physical, emotional, functional and/or social difficulties.


The department assists diverse populations with regard to life cycle crises, while believing in the resilience of the individual and the community.


Contact the department via the Karnei Shomron website and/or telephone 09-7940300

Reception: Sunday-Thursday 8:00-15:00, Tuesday – 8:00-18:00.  By appointment only.


Department Services


Early Childhood:


  • “Reishit” Program – To strengthen bonds between parents and toddler. Given at the family home
  • Placement of babies aged 3-6 months in daycare centers according to the Toddlers at Risk Law



  • Joint programs (education and welfare) for children in grades 1-5. Open every day in the afternoon, including school holidays
  • Melody – Parent and Child Center. Emotional therapy for children (ages 6-12), parental and family guidance


  • Individual emotional therapy (ages 13-18)
  • Ofek Center for girls (ages 13-15). Open twice a week in the afternoon, including summer vacation
  • Youth club in Neve Menachem – social activities, youth workshops, summer programs
  • Treatment of various youth addictions – screens, alcohol, drugs and more


Young Adults:

  • Youth employment program – guidance and training
  • Addiction treatment


Senior Citizens:

  • Golden Agers Club (Moadon Gil Hazahav) – open three days a week. Breakfast, classes and various activities
  • Supportive Community – A community service that includes a distress button, basic maintenance services, social activities
  • Social clubs – “Shorashim” Club for Russian immigrants, “Margoa” Club in Neve Menachem, Kollel “Beit Reuven” in Karnei Shomron for veteran residents, a club in Maaleh Shomron
  • Technological Patrol – teenagers who assist seniors in acquiring basic skills in managing information and maintaining contact.
  • Assistance in exercising rights
  • Assistance in vacations
  • “Adopt a Grandparent” Program for lonely seniors



  • “Touch Life” Service – to assist bereaved civilian families
  • Opportunity and Employment Center
  • Volunteer Unit
  • Citizen Advisory Service



  • Station for treatment of children who have been sexually abused & parental guidance on the subject
  • Referral to contact centers
  • Referral to the station for couple and family therapy
  • Referral to treatment for the prevention of domestic violence
  • Adult addiction treatment unit
  • Unit for assistance to families with special needs and disabilities
  • Attorney for Youth Law, dealing and supervising legal issues
  • Attorney for legal arrangements – writing reports on custody, witness arrangements, guardianship appointment
  • Complete treatment of populations in crisis and emergency situations


Department of Community Security


The Department of Community Security leads the government's effort to prevent violence, crime, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and develops appropriate programs to reduce these phenomena.


The Department of Community Security is a source of professional knowledge and resources for establishing the local authority's response and building community resilience through advocacy and prevention strategies among different populations in the community.


Department activities:


* Informational lectures on common types of drugs among youth: harm, dangers and ways of coping

* Workshops on family relationships and communication

* Wise use of social networks

* Empowering parents by providing tools and skills to improve parental functioning

* Lectures and workshops for youth and education staff, and counselors on the subjects of sexual protection, addictions and high-risk behaviors

* Employing protection counselors to eradicate violence in schools

* Installation of cameras in parks and playgrounds to eradicate vandalism

* Operating and training of a volunteer parent patrol.


Shefa Department for Town Improvement:


Garbage Collection


Sunday & Wednesday


  • Ginot Shomron
  • Karnei Shomron neighborhood


Monday & Thursday


  • Maaleh Shomron
  • El Matan
  • Neve Menachem
  • Alonei Shiloh
  • Ramat Gilad


Monday & Wednesday


  • Outer Industrial Area


Pruning & Scrap Collection


Sunday & Wednesday


  • Ginot Shomron
  • Maalei Shomron
  • El Matan
  • Ramat Gilad


Monday & Thursday


  • Karnei Shomron neighborhood
  • Neve Menachem
  • Alonei Shiloh
  • Outer Industrial Area (Thursday only)


Regarding Pruning & Scrap Collection:


  • The truck currently passes by in the morning hours, therefore pruning and scraps should be put out the night before or by 6 am that morning.
  • On the other days pruning and scraps should be placed only in the special pruning spaces spread through Karnei Shomron.


Collection of Recyclables in Orange Bins – Every other Monday


Additional Services:

SHIL – Consulting Service for the Resident, intended for anyone who needs assistance with government ministries and the local authority.


Religious Services

The Moatza Datit (Religious Council) Sun, Mon, Weds, Thurs 9:00-13:00 09-7920536

Marriage Registration by appointment

Keren Achiezer Achisamach, nonprofit




Karnei Shomron 18:00-20:00 09-7929195


Maalei Shomron 054-3976894 Dafi Gozlan by appointment


Ginot Shomron 20:00-22:00 09-7920491


Neve Aliza 19:00-21:00 09-7929901


Alonei Shilo 054-6783051 Smadi Moyal by appointment



Resident Service Center


The center provides services in a variety of areas. Residents may make payments for their local taxes (arnona), for pre-school and daycare, building permits, apply for discounts and more.


Telephone service is available Sunday-Thursday from 8:00-20:00 at 097940344/5


Reception hours:


Sunday 8:30-12:00

Monday 13:00-16:00

Wednesday 16:00-18:30


We recommend submitting a digital application on the Karnei Shomron Council website.


Emergency phones


Karnei Shomron hotline 09-7929222/106

Police 100